Mei-yu Chen

Mei-yu Chen

Thesis & Summer Students

I am interested in Machine Learning/ Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Linguistics, Neuroscience, and wearable biofeedback devices.

Dr. Faisal Qureshi supervised me for an honor thesis in Computer Vision with Deep Learning techniques. I also work with Dr. Lennaert van Veen via Mitacs for a project involving biometric data learning. (Summer Co-op at Klick health lab)

I was a Computational Linguist (M.A. in Linguistics) before coming to Ontario Tech University. My previous experience was mostly in Speech recognition, Text-to-Speech, and Natural Language Understanding projects. After that, I started to grow interests in machine learning, statistics, and probability theory etc, and that led me to a new adventure in the field of Computer Science.

Right now I am a 4th year CS student (Data Science Specialization), and am pursuing a project in Computer Vision.