Sean Bohun

Project Leader

Research interests: Specializes in mathematical modelling and breaking down the barriers between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines, fields and industries. His research continually places him in contact with real-life problems from both industry and greater society.

Luciano Buono

Project Leader

Research interests: development of bifurcation theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with symmetry and its applications, recent projects include symmetrically coupled networks of devices like lasers or gyroscopes, nonlocal PDE models for animal aggregation and Hamiltonian dynamics, including celestial mechanics.

Anatoli Chkrebtii

Project Leader

Research Interests: solid state physics, semiconductors and their surfaces and nanomaterials, nonlinear optical phenomena and, electronic structural and dynamical properties of novel materials.

Salma Karray

Research interests: Marketing models; Game theory and optimization; Marketing analytics; Supply chain management.

Greg Lewis

Project Leader

Research interests: bifurcation analysis of large scale systems with applications to flow transition in geophysical fluids, such as the atmosphere. I am also interested in various modelling problems in medical imaging and biology.

Fedor Naumkin

Project Leader

Research interests: theoretical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, interdisciplinary nanoscience; electronic-structure methods for polyatomic systems.

Markus Piro

Research interests: multi-physics simulations of material behaviours with a particular focus on nuclear fuel, which includes computational thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and continuum mechanics.

Lennaert van Veen

Project Leader

Research interests: Applications of dynamical systems theory and computational science, including fluid dynamics, mathematical neuroscience and pattern formation.

Daniel Hoornweg

Taking a systems approach, my research focuses on how we might build better cities. This includes material flow analysis (especially energy and solid waste), transportation, and the local science and politics of sustainability.

David Babalola

PhD. Student

Research interests: Imaging a reacting molecule by analyzing the spatial distribution of the fragments when the ionized atoms explode due to their mutual Coulomb repulsion.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Parikshit Bajpai


Research interest: Computational thermodynamics and optimisation algorithms for multi-physics, multi-scale simulations of nuclear fuels.

Nicholas Faulkner

PhD. Student

Research interests: Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theory for equivariant Hamiltonian systems, applications to coupled map lattices, celestial mechanics and other systems.

Working with Luciano Buono.

Marcos Machado

Research Interests: Artificial intelligence applications to study business problems, usage of machine and deep learning to analyze, optimize and predict customer churn, credit risk and customer lifetime value.

Robert Minnings


Kinza Bakhtiar


My research involves the study of energy balance models with an emphasis on climate change modelling.

Working with Dr. Greg Lewis.

Leanna Calla


Research interests: Model and improve methods to determine Post Mortem Interval (PMI) using entomology and environmental data

Working with Sean Bohun and Helene LeBlanc

Jaycee Kaufman


Application of dynamic models to human physiology, specifically in regards to human homeostasis.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.

Andree Qi


Research Interests: Mathematical modeling on biological systems, and simulations on bacterial collective motion.

Working with Lennaert van Veen

Camelia Yazdani


Research interests: Modeling dissolution rate of carbonate minerals e.g. calcite in aqueous solutions, kinetics of the reactions and diffusion of the molecular and ionic species in closed as well as open carbonate systems

Working with Sean Bohun.

Mei-yu Chen

Thesis & Summer Students

I am interested in Machine Learning/ Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Linguistics, Neuroscience, and wearable biofeedback devices.

Dr. Faisal Qureshi supervised me for an honor thesis in Computer Vision with Deep Learning techniques. I also work with Dr. Lennaert van Veen via Mitacs for a project involving biometric data learning. (Summer Co-op at Klick health lab)

Georges Karagozian

Thesis & Summer Student

Research Interests: Electrolocation in weakly electric fish

Working with Dr. Greg Lewis

Eryn Frawley


Research interests: modelling of semiconductor lasers as delay differential equations, instabilities in nonlinear initial-boundary value problems.

Working with Luciano Buono.

Brady Metherall


Daniel Pasut

MSc. Student

Research interests: Optimal population of a biological scaffold using magnetic microbeads and optimal control theory.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Wenyue Yang


My research interest is using mathematical modeling, dynamic system theory and some high dimensional variables selection methods to study cardiac arrhythmia.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.