PhD. Students

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Chris Chow


Working with Hendrick de Haan

Parikshit Bajpai


Research interest: Computational thermodynamics and optimisation algorithms for multi-physics, multi-scale simulations of nuclear fuels.

Marcos Machado

Research Interests: Artificial intelligence applications to study business problems, usage of machine and deep learning to analyze, optimize and predict customer churn, credit risk and customer lifetime value.

Nicholas Faulkner

PhD. Student

Research interests: Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theory for equivariant Hamiltonian systems, applications to coupled map lattices, celestial mechanics and other systems.

Working with Luciano Buono.

David Babalola

PhD. Student

Research interests: Imaging a reacting molecule by analyzing the spatial distribution of the fragments when the ionized atoms explode due to their mutual Coulomb repulsion.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Kevin Green

PhD. Student (alumnus)

Research interests: Mathematical neuroscience, equivariant bifurcation theory, scientific computing.
Alumnus, currently at the Numerical Simulation Research Lab.