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Daniel Hoornweg

Taking a systems approach, my research focuses on how we might build better cities. This includes material flow analysis (especially energy and solid waste), transportation, and the local science and politics of sustainability.

Salma Karray

Research interests: Marketing models; Game theory and optimization; Marketing analytics; Supply chain management.

Markus Piro

Research interests: multi-physics simulations of material behaviours with a particular focus on nuclear fuel, which includes computational thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and continuum mechanics.

Lennaert van Veen

Project Leader

Research interests: Applications of dynamical systems theory and computational science, including fluid dynamics, mathematical neuroscience and pattern formation.

Fedor Naumkin

Project Leader

Research interests: theoretical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, interdisciplinary nanoscience; electronic-structure methods for polyatomic systems.

Luciano Buono

Project Leader

Research interests: development of bifurcation theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with symmetry and its applications, recent projects include symmetrically coupled networks of devices like lasers or gyroscopes, nonlocal PDE models for animal aggregation and Hamiltonian dynamics, including celestial mechanics.

Greg Lewis

Project Leader

Research interests: bifurcation analysis of large scale systems with applications to flow transition in geophysical fluids, such as the atmosphere. I am also interested in various modelling problems in medical imaging and biology.

Sean Bohun

Project Leader

Research interests: Specializes in mathematical modelling and breaking down the barriers between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines, fields and industries. His research continually places him in contact with real-life problems from both industry and greater society.